Leisure & Entertainment


Recreation and entertainment tourism- is the opportunity to highlight the tourism potential of the area. The main cultural activities initiated and organized by the municipality in recent years that have attracted the interest of tourists and others, have already become traditional, such as Mangalia Festival, the International Festival "Days and Nights of Literature", "The proud garden of Dobrogea", "Liberty Parade" "Easter Light"


The developed coastal tourism is due to the benefits of natural factors such as:

- Continental climate, moderate, influential Pontic average annual temperature 11.3 ° C (January 0 ° C, July 22 ° C). Beach that stretched the entire length of the eastern coastline is oriented guarantees maximum exposure to ultraviolet light, sunny summer continuously 12 hours a day. Ionized air is rich, full of marine aerosols due to sea waves and breeze.

- Sea water salinity (16 g / l) does not cause eye irritation. The average water temperature is 21-23 degrees C. Lack of tidal waves on shore, water depth gradually eliminates dangers for children and for those who cannot swim. Missing sharks and sea currents.

- Sand beaches form only very fine or medium grain, although large, generally devoid of rocks.