Spa tourism - development of this branch of tourism in Mangalia is due to several spa treatment centers operating sapropelic muds and sulphurous mesothermal waters.Mangalia has been known since ancient times for its thermal springs curative effect, where numerous diseases are treated, the successful treatments being based on natural cure factors, such as: sea water, mud extracted from Techirghiol mesothermal waters, sulfur, marine bio-climate rich in saline aerosols. The composition of mineral resources is another advantage in that area such as sapropelic mud from Techirghiol resort that contains 70.2 percent water at 21-22°C mesothermal water, sea water with mineralization of 15.5 g o / oo. Types of therapeutic procedures are renowned for their spectacular effect: hydrotherapy, physical therapy, thermotherapy (sulfur baths, mud baths, herbal baths, galvanic baths, medical gymnastics, gymnastics in the pool with sea water or sulfur water, underwater shower, mud or paraffin, dry massage or mud) "geriatric cure" (Pell - bitter, Geri-royal, Gerovital products, acupuncture, rising with "Boicil" and "aflutop"). Though the main purpose of seaside holidays is relaxation the resort has plenty of tourists who come for treatment.


Nautical tourism - has recently become a representative component of Mangalia by managing EU funds through Phare 2004-Large Regional Infrastructure Projects, a major tourist port, the only port on the Black Sea in Romania tourism receiving European Union funds, facilities, technical standards and European quality to enable them to be included in the most prestigious tourist port networks to the Mediterranean and Black Sea. Mangalia tourist port Marina is located on the western shore of the Black Sea, in an area of ​​commercial maritime traffic and constant touring. The port is a refreshment of maritime history of the area, Mangalia having over 1500 years of navigation. On a quay length of 3.5 km, Tourist Port Mangalia is divided in 4 sections and a section of Marine, as it follows: Section 1 - quay at -1.0 m, a length of 297 m with a corresponding promenade platform, 6.0 m wide on the west side and 13.0 m wide platform on the north side. Marina pontoon is provided with a comparable number of the largest European tourist ports, as it follows:

- 22 seats for ships with a length of 8 m

- 22 seats for ships with a length of 9 m

- 30 seats for ships with a length of 11 m

- 42 seats for ships with a length of 13 m

- 20 seats for ships with a length of 15 m

- 10 seats for ships with a length of 18 m

Sections 2 and 3 - sections arranged in the form of a wharf at -3.0 m, providing conditions for berthing medium-sized boats and cruise ships large capacities. As in sectionl 2, the arrangement of this section will provide conditions for berthing medium-sized vessels for the transport of people and large capacity cruise ships, fishing boats and in exceptional circumstances, border police and captains of ships and generally other ships with a draft of 2.5 m Section 4 - section built as a wharf at - 7.0 m for soliciting high capacity passenger vessels (cruise ships up to 450 seats).


Recreation and entertainment tourism- is the opportunity to highlight the tourism potential of the area. The main cultural activities initiated and organized by the municipality in recent years that have attracted the interest of tourists and others, have already become traditional, such as Mangalia Festival, the International Festival "Days and Nights of Literature", "The proud garden of Dobrogea", "Liberty Parade" "Easter Light" The developed coastal tourism is due to the benefits of natural factors such as: - Continental climate, moderate, influential Pontic average annual temperature 11.3 ° C (January 0 ° C, July 22 ° C). Beach that stretched the entire length of the eastern coastline is oriented guarantees maximum exposure to ultraviolet light, sunny summer continuously 12 hours a day. Ionized air is rich, full of marine aerosols due to sea waves and breeze. - Sea water salinity (16 g / l) does not cause eye irritation. The average water temperature is 21-23 degrees C. Lack of tidal waves on shore, water depth gradually eliminates dangers for children and for those who cannot swim. Missing sharks and sea currents. - Sand beaches form only very fine or medium grain, although large, generally devoid of rocks.

Catering TOURISM - is represented in the area by many traditional restaurants, traditional fishing restaurants with oriental influence. In Mangalia and in the southern resorts,you can find special dishes found in Dobrogea: fishing soups, tripe soup, marinated fish, carp brine, fried fish, carp filled, mutton, lamb skewer, kebab, yogurt, baklava , sarailie, sweets.




In the tourism business there are hotels in which conference rooms and exhibition halls, a favourable offer for organizers of large events within the business tourism segment.