Built between 1965-1968, Neptun is about 8 km far from Mangalia, being situated between Neptun Lakes I and II on the East side and Comorova Forrest on the West side. The accommodation capacity is 9,9918 beds in 1,2,3 and 4 stars hotels, surrounded by plentiful and relaxing vegetation.

The restaurants and open bars serving fish, countryside and Turkish specialties turn the gastronomical and cultural tourism into an very important advantage of the resort, thanks to the Dobrudja and minorities specific cuisine, and also by promoting some folklore performances attracting  numerous tourists, both foreign and Romanian.

Neptune has modern spa centers with sludge treatment facilities, gyms, sauna and well-renowned Romanian therapeutic products and natural healing factors.

There are various opportunities for nautical sports at sea or Neptun lakes; mini-golf and tennis fields are open for tourists.

Neptun beach, 50-100 meters wide, has a fine sand and offers various entertainment opportunities.