Spa tourism

Development of this branch of tourism in Mangalia is due to several spa treatment centers operating sapropelic muds and sulphurous mesothermal waters.


Mangalia has been known since ancient times for its thermal springs curative effect, where numerous diseases are treated, the successful treatments being based on natural cure factors, such as: sea water, mud extracted from Techirghiol mesothermal waters, sulfur, marine bio-climate rich in saline aerosols. The composition of mineral resources is another advantage in that area such as sapropelic mud from Techirghiol resort that contains 70.2 percent water at 21-22°C mesothermal water, sea water with mineralization of 15.5 g o / oo. Types of therapeutic procedures are renowned for their spectacular effect: hydrotherapy, physical therapy, thermotherapy (sulfur baths, mud baths, herbal baths, galvanic baths, medical gymnastics, gymnastics in the pool with sea water or sulfur water, underwater shower, mud or paraffin, dry massage or mud) "geriatric cure" (Pell - bitter, Geri-royal, Gerovital products, acupuncture, rising with "Boicil" and "aflutop"). Though the main purpose of seaside holidays is relaxation the resort has plenty of tourists who come for treatment.