Resorts - South of seaside


At 31st October 2011, Mangalia was inhabited by a steady population of 36,364 people, meaning 17,754 of male gender (48,82%)  and 18,610 of female gender (51,17%). The ethnic structure of population is 29.965 Romanians ( 82,0%), and the rest of 17,6% is represented by Turks (1,474), Tartar (1,183), Romas (165), Russian-Lippovan(116), Hungarian (82), Ukrainian, German, Italian, Greek and Armenian population. The prevalent religion is Orthodox (81,22%), followed by Muslim, Catholic and more



Saturn was built between 1960-1965, but was introduced into the tourism circuit later on, in 1973. It is located in the continuation ofMangalia, giving the impression of being its northern district. With an accommodation capacity of 6,476 beds in 2,3,4 and 5 stars hotels, as well in the villas and camping located within the Holiday Village, for competitive prices, Saturn is mainly the holiday destination for families with children, but also for those who come for recreation and spa more




Venus was built between 1969-1971 and was introduced to the touristic circuit in 1972. The resort fully deserves the name inspired by the Goddess of beauty, due to its placement on the headland ofRazelm Lake, surrounded by many villas, holiday houses and cozy small restaurants, in an atmosphere of tranquility and privacy. The fabulous natural framework reminding of a botanical garden and the beach that fronts south make Venus one special more




Cap Aurora

Cap Aurora was built in 1971 and put open for tourism circuit in 1973. The resort has an original and spectacular location, to a 20 meters height, being situated on a peninsula of proximately 250 meters wide and about 1 km long,  headland looking alike. Thus, the architecture is bold, refined and original,  the hotels are named mostly after precious stones, with volumetric irregularities to the beach level, revealing to the sight as amphitheaters facing the more




Jupiter was built between 1969-1971 between Comorova Forrest and  beach. It is a small, but cozy seaside resort, having an accommodation capacity of 4,789 beds in 1, 2 and 3 stars hotels and villas, recently rehabilitated or redesigned, some of them enjoying very spectacular locations along the waterfront. The resort structural balance is completed by the bold vertical of high hotels, which are located perpendicularly along the shore, while the small buildings are placed in the center. The camping more




Built between 1965-1968, Neptun is about 8 km far from Mangalia, being situated between Neptun Lakes I and II on the East side andComorova Forrest on the West side. The accommodation capacity is 9,9918 beds in 1,2,3 and 4 stars hotels, surrounded by plentiful and relaxing vegetation.

The restaurants and open bars serving fish, countryside and Turkish specialties turn the gastronomical and cultural tourism into an very important advantage of the resort, thanks to more



Olimp is the Northern resort, built in a Western manner, laying on a waterfront headland over 300 meters long, was open for public in 1971;  it has an accommodation capacity of 3,069 beds in 2,3 and 4 stars hotels. The outstanding natural location gives the resort a particular charm.

Olimp has narrow beaches, with sands of higher more